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Aquacubic Oval Above Counter Bathroom Vanity White Ceramic Art Sink

Feature: Ceramic Sink
  • ACB8464
  • Custom Made

ACB8464 5

Model Number: ACB8464 Feature: Ceramic Sink
Dimensions: 595x420x145mm Material: Ceramic
Style: Countertop Shape: Straight and Flat
Overall shape: Rectangular with round corner Surface: Stain-resistant
Spare Parts: Strainer / Drain assembly Ceramic: Glazed / No Scratch
Size / Inch: 23-2/5"x16-1/2"x5-7/10" Quality Inspection 100%

【Solid Construction】This white sink is made from a special white fireclay that is fired at 1600 ℃ for extreme strength and durability.

【Stain-resistant】sink with smooth and non-porous glazed surface; food and drink stains can't stick to the surface.

【Easy to clean】Simply wipe the vanity sink surface with a damp soft cloth and neutral detergent to keep it looking brand new by minimal maintenance.

【Universal】Standard 3.5" drain opening fit standard drain pipes and most garbage disposal unit.

【Durable】Crafted from high-quality ceramic with a smooth glaze and stain and scratch-resistant surface, which features impact-resistance, low water absorption, and acid resistance.




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