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Aquacubic Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet, Brushed Nickel Wall Mount Pot Faucet with Folding Arms for Kitchen Sink

Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount Commercial Kitchen Sink Lead Free Brass
  • AF6010-5
  • Custom Made / Aquacubic

Brushed Nickel-02

Brushed Nickel folding kitchen faucet: 

Brushed Nickel finish, full of retro style, non-erosion, scratch-resistant, Polished surface is not easy to get dirt, both of good appearance and durable quality. 

Note: Please turn off the faucet handle near the wall when not in use to extend the service life of the pot filler!

360° rotatable wall mount faucet: approx. 22.7 inch dual jointed swing spout, the flexible hole can be retracted smoothly when not using, add convenience when adding water to your cooking pot

Lead-free brass pot filler faucet: high density solid brass material, apply special lead-free filtering technique, the water standard is guaranteed

High quality aerator in stretchable kitchen faucet: pot filler copper with steady pressure, straight consistent water flow, high pressure ABS aerator with less splashing, drip-free and leak-proof

Warranty : 5-year warranty and timely customer support are offered.

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