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    Which bathroom sanitary ware will sell well? This report tells you!

    The U.S. home furnishing internet platform HOUZZ recently released the "2019 U.S. Bathroom Trends Research" report, which was conducted for 1,360 owners who refurbished bathrooms in the U.S. The survey results show that in the past year, 88% of respondents have changed the faucet, 83% of the respond

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    Ideal life starts here.

    Ideal life starts here. Home, as a refueling station for happiness, is not just a place to rest, but a pleasant space that carries our stories and emotions. So it must be comfortable enough to be lazily for a whole day; it must be sunny enough to bloom every day's good mood; it must be warm enough t

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    New Trends of Bathroom Sanitary Ware Need to be Known By China Export Factories

    At present, the concept of sanitary ware products has far exceeded the traditional concepts of the past. As a symbol of modern and luxurious life, it has entered all aspects of people's lives. That is, it not only has sanitation and cleaning functions, but also includes health care functions, visual

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    How to define accessible luxury in home decoration?

    How to define accessible luxury?It is not only a design style,It is a high-style life philosophy.It is prosperous in a minimalist place,Elegance is not complicated, simplicity is not simple. Accessible luxury is not simple. It has a variety of manifestations.Warm, light and luxurious, noble and comf

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