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Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Luxury 24 inch Ceramic Farmhouse single bowl white Apron Front Porcelain Kitchen Sink with UPC certified

  • ACS2419A1Q
  • Custom Made / Aquacubic

3321 (2)

Model Number: ACS2419A1Q Feature: Ceramic Sink
Dimensions: 24x 19x 10 inch Material: Ceramic
Style: Farmhouse Shape: Straight and Flat
Overall shape: Rectangular Surface: Stain-resistant
Spare Parts 1: Strainer / Drain assembly Spare Parts 2: Protective Bottom grid
Sink Corner: 10mm Radius Round Corner Quality Inspection 100%

3321 (3)

24x19x10 (6)

33x21 (5)

24x19x10 (3)

Solid Construction

Made in Constructed of true fireclay a special white clay that is fired at 2900 °F for extreme strength and durability.

Straight and Flat
It requests for good craftsmanship to make fireclay ceramic sink with straight lines and flat surface. Aquacubic sink has been 100% inspected and selected.

30x21 (4)

Ⅰ. Arched Edge & curved corners make the sink super easy to clean. R10 corner means the radius is 10mm.

Ⅱ. Protective bottom grid and drain assembly are available once requried.

Beautiful and sturdy sink blends with the white worktop and kitchen decoration.

Ⅲ. Silvery shiny stainless steel drain assembly improve the overall product grade in a large scale.

Strainer with removable fixed post strainer basket for easy cleaning of food particles.

Ⅳ. Farmhouse Sink Outer Dimensions: 30" x 21" x 10".

Special ridge apron design is available once requried.

30x21x10 (8)


Aquacubic fireclay sinks are flat on one side, and have a fluted pattern on the other side.

They can be installed either way: with the flat side on front, or the fluted side. Completely up to your design preference.

24x19x10 (8)

Thick 1" SOLID fireclay

Aquacubic fireclay sinks are constructed of 1" thick SOLID fireclay, unlike the hollow fireclay sinks offered by some other manufacturers.

Solid fireclay gives a lot more strength and durability. Hollow fireclay sinks may look thick, but lack strength and crack easily.

24x19x10 (7)30x21x10 (7)

24 x 19 (3)

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